Tring Couple Therapist 
Gayle Hammill Dip.Psych.Couns

Hearing. Connecting.

Our relationships are the bedrocks of our lives. From our earliest years to our latest years, our need for connection never diminishes. 

We want to feel heard, seen and valued whether that be by our closest most intimate relationships, our friendships and our families.

It is not always possible to feel connected due to many reasons and everyone has a unique story to tell.

My role as a relationship therapist is to support you whether that be individually, as a couple or as part of a family dynamic.

“The quality of our relationships, determines the quality of our lives” Esther Perel

Tring Couple Therapist 
Gayle Hammill


A warm welcome to my website. I hope that I can  offer you the support  that you need. 

All my information is on this page for ease but there are a few links on the menu too.

I have been supporting individuals and couples in therapy over the last 10 years and I am passionate about helping you to explore and understand whatever you may need help with right now.

Please feel free to reach out to me to find out more. 

How I can help you

As a registered experienced relationship therapist, I have supported many couples and individuals with all relationship based challenges 


Your relationship may be going through a change. You might need help with communication, unhelpful patterns in the relationship, trust issues or situations affecting you as a couple. 


You might need the space to explore your own feelings about any relationship in your life. This could be a partner, family member or work relationship or friendship.


Families go through constant change and adaptation, you might need support with communication, repair after challenges, illness in the family, separation or  general changes that have affected you. 

Areas of support

Some of the areas I have experience supporting include:

Couples and Individuals

Infidelity & Trust 

Infidelity and trust issues can impact individuals and relationships. Moving forward from a break in trust can be very challenging and often requires support to understand and express the feelings and emotions experienced. 

Individuals, couples and Families

Bereavement & Loss

Losing someone through death or  separation or estrangement can affect us deeply. It can be helpful to have a safe confidential space to express grief and begin to understand yourself and life again following a loss. This could be loss in any form.

Individuals, Couples & Families

Life Changes 

Having a child, fertility issues, family changes, redundancy, menopause, retirement, illness in the family are a number of the transitions or events that can affect us and our relationships. Having space to express, grieve or explore next steps can be very supportive. 

Individuals, couples & families

Work related Issues

When we are experiencing work related stress it can affect us and our relationships. You could be navigating a change in role, a difficult boss or co-worker or feeling overwhelmed by responsibility, all of these stresses can affect us  and subsequently our relationships.

Areas of support

Loss & Bereavement 


Illness in families


Family issues


Work related challenges




Anger Issues

Low Self esteem

Post natal depression

Separation & Divorce

Clinical Supervision for therapists

Email me 

Please don’t hesitate in emailing me for more information.  I offer an initial session which allows us to mutually explore what you need and decide if I am the right therapist for you.  


My passion and interest in relationships grew from my initial experience as I began my counselling work in 2012. Originally supporting individuals with a cancer diagnosis  and their families, I gained huge insight into the importance of relationships during the toughest times of life and how events affect us.

From here I commenced counselling support working with women experiencing Post natal depression and life challenges raising young families, often in very difficult circumstances. This led me to commence specialist training in child and family therapy to learn how I could support relationships more effectively. 

I now offer family therapy and am commissioned by both Hertfordshire and Buckinghamshire Councils to provide this. 

I have supported individuals and couples in therapy over the last ten years and I bring this experience to my work.

My practice is diverse and I support individuals of all ages, genders and backgrounds.  I spent five years training in counselling & psychotherapy and have been privileged to spend a further ten years supporting clients. 

I am especially interested in how our relationships affect us both positively and negatively and my work now focuses on improving relationships, helping couples, families and individuals to feel understood and make sense of the relationships in their lives.

Whether you want to work with me individually, as a couple or a family, my aim is to assist you in feeling clearer in your relationships and your life.

Gayle Hammill

Initial Session

Arrange an initial session

An initial session allows us to mutually explore what you want and need from the  support. Please note that I may not have an ongoing space but I can confirm with you on any booking made. I do also hold a small waiting list which you are welcome to join if I don’t have immediate availability. 

I provide both face to face and online therapy. I support clients nationwide.

If your situation is urgent I will attempt to signpost you to other provider

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“We are all worthy of love and belonging”
Brene Brown

Benefits of my support

Whilst it can feel like a big step to start, once you do, you will realise the benefits of therapy

Less Anxiety 

Keeping our worries and anxieties masked can make things tougher and eventually lead to isolation and low mood. Therapy can help to reduce anxiety.

Feeling more connected

When we open up and express our needs, we feel heard and begin to restore connection not just with others but also with ourselves. 

Improved Relationships

I can help you feel heard and more connected in your relationships and most importantly the relationship you have with yourself will improve.

I have successfully supported individuals and couples to move forward in whatever way works best for them, taking with them the tools from therapy to continue using in the future.

Clearer Mind

Talking therapy can help you to free your mind for other thoughts that will be more helpful and less critical or intense. This will allow you to be more present and enjoy the things you want to. 

More Confidence

When our mood improves our confidence lifts, we are more likely to try more things and embrace challenges with more self belief and confidence. 

Hearing. Connecting. Growing. 

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